Pyrrho was created to reduce the risk of fraud in decentralized finance through a database of vetted blockchain projects and a user environment designed to encourage better dialogue around blockchain technologies.


About Pyrrho


The vetting and listing process is driven by the community..

Risk reduction

Higher standards of transparency and accountability.


Pyrrho (PYO) feeds the user ecosystem to keep things running.

Explore all the possibilities


Find and share high-quality blockchain projects.


Identify and hire reliable marketing and developer services.

Participate in events within an online environment regulated through micropayments of Pyrrho Token.


Design of Pyrrho concept

Design of Pyrrho Token

Plan presale and launch of Pyrrho Token

November 2021

Set up social media sites

Publish whitepaper and litepaper

Launch website

LImited presale of Pyrrho Token

January - February 2022

Continue software development

Beta testing

Launch of initial product

January - October 2021

Formation of Pyrrho LLC

Coding and deployment of Pyrrho Token

Draft whitepaper and litepaper

Smart contract audit by SolidProof

KYC certification by SolidProof

December 2021

Public launch of Pyrrho Token

Hire marketing agency

Hire UX/UI designer and project manager

Begin software development

March - August 2022

Pyrrho Token

Pyrrho Token (PYO) is a BEP20 utility token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It was created to regulate the user environment of the Pyrrho web platform and mobile app through a proprietary system of social-currency micropayments.


PYO can also be used for peer-to-peer payments using a cryptocurrency wallet such as Metamask. There is no transaction tax, so the only cost of sending and receiving PYO is the small gas fee paid in BNB for on-chain transfers. PYO is intended to be used in an airdrop marketing program, whereby vetted DeFi project developers can promote their product through airdrops of their tokens to PYO holders.

The contract address is:     0xe6DF015f66653EcE085A5FBBa8d42C356114ce4F

The Team

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Pyrrho LLC was formed in Arizona in 2022 for the purpose of creating the Pyrrho web platform and mobile app.

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Currently the Member/Manager of Pyrrho LLC is the project's founder, Scott Ewing.

Pyrrho is currently seeking additional team members in a variety of positions. If you are interested in helping to make this project a success, please apply here.

The Name

Pyrrho takes its name from the Greek philosopher Pyrrho of Elis, who is regarded as the founder of the ancient skeptics movement. One central idea in Pyrrhonism is that we ought to maintain the state of mind referred to as epoché, or a suspension of judgment.

Rather than seeking to relieve the anxiety of uncertainty by adopting a position as a matter of faith, the ancient skeptics believed a more serene state of mind could be achieved by suspending judgment and participating in an ongoing investigation into the nature of things. The Pyrrho project was established on the premise that online communities will benefit from this type of intellectual humility as an alternative to the formation of immutable ideological factions, which leads to an inability for people with differing viewpoints to effectively communicate.