What is Pyrrho?

The Pyrrho project was started to improve online social spaces. As a starting point, the Pyrrho app has been designed to create an online space for its users to learn about and discuss blockchain technology and specific blockchain projects.


One principle guiding the project is reflected in its name. Pyrrho of Elis was a Greek philosopher who is credited with starting the ancient skeptics movement. According to the ancient skeptics, we should approach the search for truth by suspending judgment and engaging in an ongoing inquiry into the nature of things. The premise of the Pyrrho project is that suspending judgment can make the internet a better place by reducing animosity between ideological factions, encouraging more open-minded discourse, deterring dogmatic thinking, and making it harder for bad actors to engage in psychological manipulation through the spread of misinformation.


The Pyrrho app has been designed to dramatically diverge from current social media paradigms. There are no targeted ads. No hidden algorithms determining what content its users see. No likes, followers, subscribers, or reposting. No scrolling discussion boards or chat forums.


Instead, the platform seeks to increase accountability through the requirement that users who post content have been verified as a real person with no more than one account. Modes of communication are intended to facilitate empathy and civility by limiting written content to objective articles within a collaborative user-generated encyclopedia and offering voice-based discussions and events that retain natural emotional content and humanize participants, as forums for subjectivity and debate.


The Pyrrho project started with a single organizational entity but is in the process of forming a cooperative corporation that will own and maintain the Pyrrho app. The Pyrrho co-op will be a for-profit company that distributes net profits to members on the basis of patronage. Unlike traditional corporations, each member-owner will have one vote on matters of governance, regardless of the member's capital contribution. Non-voting capital stock may still be issued, providing an opportunity for accredited investors to support the project and receive a reasonable return on their investment.


The Pyrrho app is nearly finished and a public launch is anticipated in late October 2022. The initial features include a user-generated encyclopedia of blockchain projects, user profiles, direct messaging, and an in-app virtual resources system that regulates the user environment. The next phase of development includes optional ads, audio-based groups and events, and an expanded version of the virtual resources system with integration into multiple blockchains.


Rather than hidden algorithms using private user data to filter content, suggest contacts, and display ads, the Pyrrho virtual resources system creates incentives to explore the user environment and find people, content, and ads of interest. Users of the app can offer resource incentives for visiting their profiles and set resource disincentives for receiving messages from others. Entering information into the encyclopedia requires micropayments of cryptocurrencies in order to deter frivolous, malicious, or inappropriate posts. A system of ratings and false-information flags works with article-edit histories, which are permanently displayed within the encyclopedia and on user profiles, to create a sense of accountability and incentivize quality contributions.


Along with the addition of features and organizational restructuring, the Pyrrho project embraces an open source ethos, and will work to create a collaborative design and development environment that supports organic decentralized growth. The project will avoid doctrinaire decentralization, since some order is necessary achieve complex goals, and centralized management structures may play a useful role in developing an efficient, sustaintable, profitable organization, which balances benefits for its member-owners with the mission of improving society as a whole. However, the project is sincerely committed to providing anyone willing to adhere to the principles of inclusivity, civility, and honesty, an opportunity to participate as a contributor, consumer, and owner.