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The new Pyrrho Token website is:
The new Pyrrho Token contact email is:
The refund offer for early Pyrrho Token trades will continue to be handled by Pyrrho LLC on this site

The Pyrrho project was started to build a web platform and mobile app that aims to create a healthy online social environment for sharing information about decentralized finance (DeFi). Our platform is designed to be different from traditional social media platforms, which often use hidden algorithms to maximize engagement and increase advertising revenue. Instead, we plan to regulate our online ecosystem through a system of in-app virtual resources that incentivize positive contributions to the platform, obviate the need for intrusive targeted ads, and allow users to adjust parameters to better control their own environments. The name "Pyrrho" is inspired by the ancient Greek philosopher of the same name, who advocated for the suspension of judgment and the embrace of skepticism as a way to achieve an "untroubled and tranquil condition of the soul." We believe that this approach can also lead to fewer financial losses for honest supporters of the DeFi movement.

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